Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Year! (a week late!! LOL)

It's already the 7th of January 2012 and I've missed one of my "resolutions" by a mile!  I was going to try to blog daily but as you can see it just hasn't happened!  I'm all for forgiveness of thy self so I won't spend time beating myself up for that and just move on to hoping for weekly updates!  It's not like I'm so busy these days, being out of work for over 14 months is taking it's tole on my mind, body and spirit but I've decided in this new year I'm going to focus on the positive and try not to worry about the rest.  So on that note I have finally listed items in my Etsy shop, created a "like" page on Facebook for Pansy Cottage Creations and am working my way through a pile of cards to photograph for listing.   I'll be previewing some of the cards here and you can see some of them on my side bar for my Etsy shop. The two cards above are my first listings because I had pictures of them already and they are my favorites right now.  I used a couple of techniques on these cards, first stamping the images with brown Staz On ink so I could color in some of the images.  If you use regular Stampin' UP inks they are water based and may run when you use other colors on them.  I've also used a piece of paper out of an old botanical book on the Thank You card, tearing it and inking the edges.  I LOVE books and have always had a great respect for them, so tearing them up had not been in my DNA.  BUT that has all changed since seeing lots of books being used for so many creative items.  I also happened upon the local library's book sale, it was actually officially over but they were clearing out the leftovers for $1 or $2 dollars.  It was kind of like all those Christmas trees left on the lot December 24th, I just couldn't bear to not purchase a couple to use in my crafts.  Actually I would have taken a bunch but could not justify $50 worth of $1 books to myself or the hubby!  So if you have an old set of encyclopedias or just old books in general that are gathering dust, see if you can bear using them in a craft or card project.  They are great for backgrounds on canvas or scrapbook pages, but with those I'd use the Archiving Mist to make sure the acid doesn't hurt your pages.  I will be posting more cards in the next few days as I get the photos of them.  I will also have a post tomorrow about an exciting workshop I'm participating in.

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