Sunday, January 8, 2012

Balzer Designs Organization Week

I'm very excited to let you know I am participating in this organization week Julie is curating.  Julie put out a request for participants thru her Twitter account and I sent her a few pictures of my studio.  She requested more pictures and information about my Lazy Susan tool caddy and my desktop in general for items at your finger tips.  My Lazy Susan will be featured on Wednesday and my desktop on Thursday.  I added a link to Julie's blog above so you can get to it easily.  I do love my desktop when I'm creating because of the amount of tools and the ease I can reach them.  It makes a real difference when you're creating if you have to dig around for the basics, it can take the fun out of it real quick.  Having your tools right at hand lets you spend your time experimenting with different techniques and products rather than wasting time wondering where your scissors or paper trimmer is.  I hope you'll take a look each day at Julie's blog and get some great ideas to help you in this New Year get your space organized to your satisfaction.

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  1. I subscribe to Julie's blog and imagine my surprise to see you are from St. Joe, MO. I live in Wathena, KS (work in St. Joe) and seriously have not come across anyone in St. Joe that's into altered art, scrapbooking & card making. It is sooooo nice to know there are fellow crafters out there closer than Kansas City. :-)

    PS: Love your organization ideas!