Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organizing, the rest of the Studio!

To finish up the tour of my studio I wanted to share the final side of the room.  This side houses my desk, an old printer stand, above that is a 2x4 piece of pegboard that holds a ton of items and the area behind my sewing machine.
This is my desktop with my basic tools at hand.  On the right is the Lazy Susan that was featured on Julie's blog on Wednesday.  To the left is a stack of cake stands that house stickles, distress inks, reinkers and chalks.  My desk itself is an old computer desk that I have re-purposed.
 This is my cake stands up close, on the top is a compote to hold the chalks.  This is easy to turn to reach all the items on it.
This is the pegboard my husband made, with the baskets and pegs it holds a lot of items.  Below that is the printer stand that houses my pens, ink pads, hot glue sticks, craft sticks and other miscellaneous items.
This is beside the printer stand, it is a cart from Office Depot.  It holds paper scraps sorted by color families and the top drawer holds various tools, like brayers, wire cutters and anything I can fit in it.  LOL
Beside my pegboard I have just put nails in the wall to hang all of my clear rulers for quilting.  It is directly behind my chair at the sewing machine so they're easy to reach.
This is the continued view with my little inspiration wall above my pressing area.
Another cart from Office Depot, this one has a filing drawer in the bottom, a drawer that holds my circle cutting items and my paper trimmers sit on top.
This is an up to date shot of the wire shelves.  I have used these 3 drawer storage containers that hold all my 8.5x11 Stampin UP! cardstock.  I have labeled each drawer, they each hold at least 3 different colors.  On top of them are baskets that hold Stampin' UP! ribbon rolls, punches and stamp pads.

Well that wraps up the full tour of my studio.  I hope I have given you some new ideas for storage in your studio or craft room.  As Julie said on her blog, organizing your area is an on going process or it should be.  As you add new products to use or purge items that you no longer need or want, your area will be evolving all the time.

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