Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Organizing your Space or the never ending saga . . .

I've lived in my home for 25 years and have had a craft room for the majority of that time.  I had learned to quilt, machine applique and there was great demand for cure seasonal and holiday clothes.  My room developed into a quilting and sewing room with storage for the little bit of paints, jewelry findings, wreath supplies, etc.  My main focus was a cutting table that was 3 ft. by 7 ft. and my new L-shaped cabinet for my Bernina sewing and serging machines.  I had a small bookcase for quilt/craft books and several totes to hold my stock of fabric.  I was making quilted items along with mini quilts and wearable art items.  Sweaters made out of sweatshirts that were stitched and appliqued or painted on.  A friend of mine and I hit the holiday craft fairs quite hard one year, selling out and working right up until Christmas.  I decided after that I was only doing this as a hobby and maybe teach.  In 2000 a co-worker and friend introduced me to scrapbooking.  I was already an avid photographer, mainly family and outdoors/wildlife pictures.  This was at a time when scrapbooking was just taking off and their were no local scrapbook stores and probably an eighth of the supplies we have now.  But sticking with it and then adding rubber stamping into the mix in 2010 made me in need of a large dedicated space.  I luckily have a supportive husband who has helped me rearrange, put together shelves and purge stuff, until I have a studio that I love and like to share.

 The above picture shows my sewing area.  The cabinet is in an L-shape and where the iron sits is really where my serger should go.  But for quilting it's important to have an ironing surface close at hand so I use a muslin covered piece of wood as my board.  This configuration also allows me an area to cut small pieces or trim up blocks to the left of my machine.

This area is directly across from the sewing area.  There is a shelf in the corner holding magazines and other basket of items.  Then I have another two shelf bookcase that holds my Cricut and a few books.  That sits in front an outer door to my room, that some day I hope to use if I hold classes.

Next to the small bookcase is a 5 foot table that I use when I work.  I can drag out baskets of items, papers, stamps, anything I may need for that project and have it right behind me, across from my desk.  Above the table are some decorative items, a small shelf and a large book rack.  I have my Cricut cartridges stored in the bottom section.  The wire dress form is holding some of my misc. ribbons.
These two wire shelves hold a lot of items.  I have magazines, storage boxes, photo boxes, cardstock and paper storage, both vertical and horizontal.  This I find is an area that is constantly changing and since this photo I have rearranged it.  I plan to do a total makeover of these two shelves in the next month or two.  Constantly evolving, other wise you stay stagnant and that is not a good place for an artist. At the end of the shelves is the double doors that lead into the room.

That is the first part of my room tour.  I will post the second part on Thursday because my desk will be featured on Julie's blog that day too, so it will tie in and finish the 360 degree view.

I hope you will join or follow my site with Blogger or Google reader.  I have lots of techniques for scrapbook pages, cards and other paper crafts coming this year and would love to share that info with you.  I also have a Twitter or Facebook page, if you participate in either of those.  Of course my newest obsession is Pinterest, I have too many boards but oh is it fun.  That's for another blog sometime soon.

I would like to give a BIG THANKS to Julie for inviting me to participate in her blog this week, I've already discovered some things I want to check out for my studio.  And some new blogs to follow of course.  Happy organizing!

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