Monday, August 26, 2013

Storage cart for tools and Project Life supplies

I purchased a Flip video recorder over 2 years ago.  I always pride myself on getting bargains and this was no exception. It was a mark down at WalMart and was around $60 which was half price or so then.

I envisioned myself making all kinds of tutorial videos on scrapbooking and card making, maybe some cooking/recipe tutorials too.  

So far I've taken 4 videos with it and only two of them were craft related. I do love how easy it is to use and transfer to the computer.  I DON'T like the Flipshare editing, very limited and I had lots of problems uploading to YouTube.  I finally realized I had MS video editor and it worked great.

Now if I can stop shaking, huffing & puffing and remember to speak up a bit so you can hear me, I might be able to make some tutorials.

Of course I'm adding one more thing to my "Don't Do" list, trying to turn that into a TO DO list.  LOL  And another thing to learn too.

Anyway, here is my video about my Roskag cart that I'm using for tools & Project Life, Simple Stories, Everyday Stories, I'm playing with them all.

No laughing, snickering or mean comments please.  Let me have my learning curve for now!

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