Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Productive Day?

Finally got some sleep last night and was well on my way to a productive day when I sidetracked to The Paper Life live webchat.  This is held the first Tuesday of each month at 12:30 pm.  So far I've participated in February and March and must say I have learned oodles & gobs from each.  One of today's guest was Tammy Tutterow who I have been following on Twitter for awhile now.  She does great art pieces, blogs and is an upbeat person.  Tammy clued us in on how to use FB, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest.  All the info was great and I have spent the afternoon perusing some of these websites, joining groups and having online fun.  As one of the other guest put it, have to chalk this cruising time up to inspiration time and it really is.  I now have a Pinterest account thanks to an invite from Tammy and I think I'm going to love it for visual inspiration.  So I thought I'd better post a blog right now so I can get to some house work, cooking and then to the studio.  I need to be doing some creating of my own and get it posted.

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