Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Studios magazine from Cloth, Paper, Scissors

I am very excited tonight, I just finished submitting my photos and description of my studio for this magazine.  I submitted a few sample photos last fall and they asked to see more and to complete the submission process.  At the same time I came down with the stomach flu and then a sinus infection, so between that and the chemo I was pretty wiped out the entire month of December.

I received an email from the editor, that contacted me originally, about finishing the submission for the next issue.  I just completed everything and emailed it off.

I'm not sure this is a guaranteed place in the issue but it looks pretty good.  I'll keep you posted as to the progress.

I love the magazine, I have every issue they have made so far, which is 11.  The most recent featured Ty Pennington on the cover.  I'm sure mine will be one of the vignettes in the back which are usually one page with 2-4 pictures, but they do have 2 page vignettes too.  Either way I'm thrilled to show my studio and the hard work it's taken to make it the haven it is.

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