Monday, March 28, 2011

Saturday Class

I hosted a class at my home this last Saturday.  The place where our crop group usually meets was unavailable the whole month of March and some of the girls were anxious to create a Card/Date Keeper box that I created using a photo box from Michael's.  I had four in attendance and we crafted from 10 am until about 2:30 pm with a little lunch thrown in, thanks to my dear husband for picking up Subway for us.  I came up with the idea of a date keeper and was going to just make an altered booklet to keep track of birthdays, anniversary, etc.  But since making cards is one of the top items I teach at my SU workshops I wanted something that would not only save the date but store the cards we've been making too.  I seem to go bed with an idea and mull it over when I'm in that semi-sleep state, luckily I remembered what I came up with the next day and took it from there.  One of the gals that made her box Saturday is using it for a memory box.  She will be keeping postcards collected by her children on their many vacations and trips they take.  I have two more people that would like to make these but were unable to attend Saturday so we'll be doing this class again, probably in May.  I have attached a link to my Flickr account to show you my finished box and the four that were made on Saturday.  I had a lot of fun having this at my home since my studio is right there and we were able to use all the items I have on hand.  I wish I had a large finished basement to make into a classroom as other SU demonstrators have available.  I guess that is a goal for the future, but until then my living room and dining room will have to suffice.  Let me know how you like them by leaving a comment.

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